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Creating art in watercolor, ink and pencil Commissions welcome, send me a message! Private art teacher NYCurbansketcher graphic designer specializing in logos, websites and package design/

Covid and Being an Artist or, a Treatise for Fighting Sleep.

In search of how other artists are doing during this hard time. Please, please comment below. I have always been a night owl. I liked staying up late as a child and in college did regular “all-nighters” with nary a … Continue reading

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The grey has arrived

While the NYCUSK went to Greenwich Ct, @JoanTav1 and I went to Port Jefferson to draw. The sky and the water were grey. Not a friendly lets paint your living room and chic grey, but the kind of grey sky … Continue reading

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Yeah I know you hate to do Notans, but they work!

This past weekend I taught a class to the Baltimore Urban Sketchers on Composition in Harve De Grace, MD. One topic we covered was values and how they help you to paint the story that you see. Making a small … Continue reading

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