Got Bridges?

Bridges have been a theme for me for the past 6 weeks and I feel like painting them has been a real bonus for me. Because of their construct, they enable me to focus more on the values and positive and negative space in the composition. Their strong lines have really helped me to keep it loose not having to get into details and I see a definite improvement. Manhattan, being an island, has more bridges then one can imagine. I have spent time on the island’s most northern edge in Inwood, Roosevelt Island, Astoria Park in Queens, Dumbo in Brooklyn, and even Bayville on Long Island. I have been admiring the bridges that connect Manhattan’s upper east side including the Madison Bridge and the I am beginning to feel like the, “Where’s Waldo” of bridges, you just never know where I may pop up next! I have my eye on the Park Avenue Bridge and the Macomb Bridge as my possible next attacks.

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