My watercolors are done in a, “direct” manner, meaning there is no pencil sketching involved. After observing the scene, I apply the paint directly to the paper, using my paintbrush to delineate line and form. Most of my paintings are created in plein air, or outdoors, in front of the subject, and not from a photograph. I find that this method allows me to capture everything that drew me to the subject including, the smells, feeling of the wind or sun and it’s character.

Urban Sketching

I am a member of the NYC Urban Sketching group. Urban Sketching is the art of recording the world around us in person and sharing our drawings. I tend to draw or paint without a pencil line first. I am very brave.


Monotypes are a kind of printing art. They differ from Monoprints in that there is no fixed plate that you can repeat the print multiple times. A monotype print results in only one print.

Commercial Design Work

I have been a graphic designer for over 35 years, doing storyboards, animatics, finished illustrations, web design and logo and branding work. This gallery contains a sampling of that work .