The Rooster’s Home

Back at the Milleridge Inn Restaurant on Long Island I am hanging out with the roosters again. Its a quick ride from my house so as long as it’s warm enough to stay in the mobile studio without running the engine to keep it warm, I pop over in between the stuff I am supposed to be doing during the day.

The Barn

I have been experimenting with composition. I worked for a pretty famous comic book artist many years ago and It got me to thinking about comic book page layouts. I want to bend the rules a bit and journal in a visual manner. Tell the story of what I see without using words. There is always the big image/emotion of what drew you in; the visual that caught your eye and said, “paint me”. But, then as you are painting, you start to notice all these other things that are really cool and you want to include them too. So I have begun to play with framing; using frames to highlight, or call out other interesting things or close up details from the main picture.

The iconoclast drive thru

Here is another experimentation with framing. I feel like I am on to something, but it still needs some refining. Well, I guess, the next entry will tell. Have you thought about mixing things up a little? I am wondering what you did, and how it worked. Please comment below.

The Restaurant Barn

So there is a restaurant near me that’s on a compound. It has a little village with a cute ice cream parlor and a gift shoppe or two. On the restaurants other side, it is flanked by a small barnyard. There are a couple of donkeys, a pig or two, several pea hens and a peacock and many roosters in all different sizes and shapes. I had a little time midday and stopped by to paint the barn. This was my first go at it and I am not to displeased, which is a polite way of saying it doesn’t suck. It was an very light red barn so getting the values right was a challenge.

I will return in the near future to have another go at it. There are unresolved issues here and I have enough to keep me up at night without worrying about a barn.